How To Stand Out In Your Business by Karen Williams

Solopreneurs, coaches and other ‘people helpers’ have something in common, they want to make a difference, yet many of them never get a chance to do just that.  Although it’s hugely satisfying to influence the happiness of others, unless you embrace the fact that you’re actually running a business, you’re not going to be able to do what you love.

To be successful in business takes an extraordinary person; someone who realises that it’s not enough to be the same as everyone else.  You need to make that decision to stand out. It’s not enough to be the same as everyone else, you need to differentiate yourself from others, discover what makes you unique and get crystal clear on your message.

How to Stand Out in your Business is for solopreneurs who know that to be successful in business they need to do something different to stand out from the crowd.  This book gives you the strategies to do just that.

  • Learn the 7 key steps to be successful in business
  • Discover how to get noticed for the right reasons and rapidly raise your profile
  • Find out how to become an expert in your business and attract the right clients
  • Recognise the marketing strategies that work for your business and how to use them to get results
  • Understand how to get more sales and become financially savvy
  • Develop approaches to cultivate your confidence, manage your mojo, and do what you love
  • Get the latest strategies to stand out on stage, write a book and get great PR
  • Stand out from everyone else and watch your income skyrocket

After modelling 11 successful coaches for her first book, The Secrets of Successful Coaches, Karen applied the strategies to her business.  In this second book she reveals her personal SUCCESS system which enables business owners like you to achieve even greater success.

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What people are saying:

“Karen Williams has done it again and written a must-read for all those starting out in business. Grounded, inspirational and real with 7 practical steps on how to do everything from deal with ‘fraud syndrome’ to win lots of awards, this is a book that will hold your hand as you create BIG success in your business”
Suzy Greaves,The Big Leap Coaching Company
"This book will show you not only how to have great fun and fulfilment as a business owner; you’ll also discover how to get into flow and create abundance too!"
Rachel Elnaugh, (formerly of Dragons' Den)